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India Cost Advantage

Amongst all global medical tourism destinations, India undoubtedly offers the best to the world in terms of quality, cost and care. Reputed Indian hospitals now have the latest cutting edge technology and world class doctors. The flow of overseas patients to India is growing every year at a healthy pace.

We reproduce below a Comparison of indicative costs in India versus some other Asian Medical Tourism destinations that were published in the US News & World Report, dated May 12, 2008.

United States






South Korea

Coronary artery bypass surgery








Bypass surgery with heart valve replacement









Hip / Knee replacement








Prostate surgery (TURP procedure)









Gastric bypass








Note: U.S. charges are list prices. Physician and certain other fees are generally excluded. Prices at non-U.S. hospitals are all-inclusive other than for Panama, which does not include surgeonís fee. Only data from Joint Commission International accredited hospitals considered.
Source : US News & World Report, May 12, 2008;
Jobs Mantra - Government,Pvt,Pharma Jobes In India